Garden Coordinator

Marisa Lyn-Napolitano Prevatt, Canton Garden Coordinator
My story is one of recent awareness. My relationship with gardening changed drastically in Spring 2019. The catalyst was “adopting” two swallowtail caterpillars from a local nursery. The process of caring for these two tiny caterpillars sparked a flame for learning and a domino effect of a complete transformation of our landscape into a native plant, pollinator oasis. Once we experienced the abundance of LIFE it brought to our yard, we were hooked and never looked back! That year we certified our front yard as a Monarch Waystation. I like to quote the adage “You don’t know what, you don’t know” I believe many in my community fall into this category. My goal is to inspire, educate, and spread awareness in our local community by sharing my journey. I hope to create a cultural movement here in the suburbs where people begin to view their yards as important conservation spaces, a place to invite, appreciate, and support pollinators & wildlife. 

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