Q: What services does Adapt currently provide?  
A: Micro-meadow installation, garden kits, and online or in-person consultations

Q: Do I need to be an experienced gardener?
A: Absolutely not! Our program only requires that you desire to be part of the solution to our current biodiversity and climate crises.

Q: Who can receive a garden? Can organizations receive gardens? For profit/nonprofit? (schools, land conservancies, businesses, apartment complexes, community gardens).
A: Anyone can receive a garden. Priority is given to projects that connect habitat, increase food security and are available for public use (front yards, easements, right of ways, etc)

Q: Do the garden recipients “pay it forward” in some way?  Either through volunteer service to a local environmental organization equal in value to the garden, or through becoming a Patreon member or other?  
A: If someone receives a garden we ask that they will become a good steward of that garden by learning about it, what is planted there, why it’s important, and how to care for the garden. One can donate to Adapt through our Patreon page, help plant and/or maintain gardens, or volunteer with us or another conservation organization. 

Q: If someone is a Patreon member, but does not receive a garden, what are the benefits for them?
A:  The most profound lesson our ecosystems can teach us is that we are all intrinsically and indelibly tied together. What another receives you also receive. A garden planted for one IS a garden planted for all. The more gardens we all plant, the more gardens we all have. We all benefit from restoring the ecological integrity of our communities.

Q: How much does a garden cost?  
A: Each garden costs roughly $150 in wholesale materials.

Q: How is the money raised on Patreon allocated
A: This answer will continue to change as we grow. Our goal is to double our output year after year for at least the first 5 years. As we grow, a larger portion of our funds will need to be used on administrative costs. We hope to be able to hire a full-time administrative assistant and part-time business manager by 2023, provided we can continue to double our on-the-ground efforts.

Q: What did you accomplish in 2021? 
A: In 2021 we received $12678 from 177 donors. We installed 38 micro-meadow, donated 40 garden kits, removed invasive shrubs from 10 properties, and had 68 consultations. Over 3000 native wildflowers, grasses, sedges, trees and shrubs were planted. Donor support allowed us to purchase much needed garden as restoration equipment and finally get a new computer that will not crash during online consultations! Most profoundly we shared all the knowledge and experience of our organization that we could and helped consult on the creation of The Oregon Nature Alliance in Oregon, Wisconsin. Go check’m out!