Why Community Supported Ecology? We believe that each of us, and each plot of land, is vital to a healthy future. Adapt exists to sustain and promote the connections between people and the land that supports us through community co-creation of native plant and perennial food landscapes.

Through crowdfunding, education, and volunteer effort, we aim to build a community network that supports the restoration of native plant and perennial food landscapes on small parcels of privately- and publicly-owned land where there might otherwise not be the resources to do so.

Adapt Community Supported Ecology is a tax-exempt, 501(c)3 charity. Interested in joining our community? Fill out the Service Request Form if you are in need of consultation, a garden kit, micro-meadow installation, or invasive species control. Want to assist? Volunteer with us! We also invite you to become part of our growing financial support base. Give so that we can all reap the benefit of the generosity we sow.

We believe…

  • Native plants are necessary because they form the foundation of healthy ecosystems.
  • Humans are a part of this ecosystem and adding perennial edible plant varieties to our landscapes supports food resiliency in our community. 
  • Each of us, and each plot of land, is vital to a healthy future.

Our Process

Plan for diversity

How can we reweave your property productively into the larger ecosystem? Our goal is to create a space that gives you aesthetic, functional, and spiritual joy for ages. We begin by researching the historic native plant community of your location, next we look at your specific soil type, then refine our plant list based on the amount of light hitting your property.

Selecting plants and basic layout

Develop the Details

We use a science-based approach to learn from the land. How are we going to prepare your site? Is it existing sod or shall we repurpose a neglected bed? Maybe it’s time to get rid of that butterfly bush and plant something that will actual benefit butterflies! Maybe you already have a native landscape shrouded by invasive shrubs! Do you want all natives (minimal maintenance) or are you interested in a bit of food production (more maintenance)? There will be quite a few questions to answer as we develop our plan.

supply the materials

Our Adapt free gardens come with 30-40 plants and a human to plant them for you! Mulch may be included, depending upon the location.

We offer these gardens as a gift to you and to nature. We believe ecology is a common good, so we rely crowdfunding and volunteer effort to create these ideas to reality.

Billy with a wheelbarrow of native plants, headed for a garden.
Getting ready to plant
A newly installed garden

BUIld a garden

Planting is the easiest part of the entire process. We plant, water, mulch and then chat about the wonderful benefit your new native planting will bring to your local ecosystem and your community. When you receive a garden we ask that you will become a good steward of that garden by learning  about what is planted there, why it’s important, and how to care for the natural community. 

enjoy nature together!

Enjoy the diversity of life returning to your small part of Earth. Observe as your garden returns to the evolutionary path, adapting itself to the changing world with each new seed that sprouts. Observe as neighbors slow down to walk through your yard. Go out and say hello, maybe offer them a few heath asters or some extra raspberries.

Brown-hooded owlet moth caterpillar on
Solidago caesia (bluestem goldenrod)

Our Impact in 2021


Individuals and groups served by Adapt


Raised through the generosity of 177 individual donors.


Wildflowers, grasses, trees, shrubs and sedges of 60+ species planted.

Get in touch

Would you like to join our community of gardeners? We welcome all income levels and abilities. Please contact us to let us know more about your needs and we will be in touch. If you are looking to enlist our services, please click on “Get Involved” or check out the drop down menu at the top of the page.


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