It is through right action that we can change the world around us for the benefit of all. Adapt seeks to remove the barriers between you and having a positive relationship with your ecological reality. Our Give, Serve, Regenerate model gives everyone the opportunity to experience the positive power of community co-creation. Get involved and make a difference!


Through crowdfunding, education and volunteer effort, we aim to build a community network that supports the restoration of native plant and perennial food landscapes on small parcels of privately- and publicly-owned land where there might otherwise not be the resources to do so. The standard economic model is landscaping as a privately purchased amenity only for individuals who can afford it. Because we believe that each plot of land is a meaningful share of the planet and has a role in our common future, we believe there is a better model. Visit our Patreon, donate at the bottom of this page, or send a check to become a supporter.


We are an all-volunteer team – please join us! By supporting Adapt through your volunteer work, you are joining a community of people who are saying ‘yes’ to biodiversity and abundance, ‘yes’ to taking real action to sustain life in our own front yards in the face of climate change, and ‘yes’ to a future in which we not only acknowledge but embrace our interconnectedness with one another and with all species on earth. Fill out our Volunteer Form to get started.


One of the three pillars of our mission here at Adapt is to plant native and perennial edible gardens, for free, for those who would like to begin the process of healing their land but may not have the expertise, time, or funds to see a project through. Whether you are a novice gardener or a master gardener we offer a variety of services. Please fill out our Service Request Form to get started. We are currently updating the list of communities we serve across Michigan and soon Illinois and Pennsylvania. The volunteer leader of your region will contact you to set up a time to discuss details.

Paradise is a choice. Let’s create it everywhere we go. Join us in bringing gardens to all. For free.


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