We like to think that spending our money for ecological integrity and community cultural cohesion is a good thing. Hopefully you agree. We offer two ways for you to donate online and be part of the financial support team of Adapt.


We encourage everyone who we interact with to support via our Patreon page at an amount that is no sweat off your back. For some this will be a dollar or two a month, for others $50 a month is no problem. Either way, give easy and feel good. Donations received through Patreon primarily fund the purchase of local genotype native plant species from local native plant nurseries in the communities we serve.

Patreon: www.patreon.com/adaptecology

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Donate here if you would like to make a one time donation or a much larger donation. Funds received here will go toward the operating costs of Adapt – you know, the less flashy but all important aspects like replying to emails, organizing our work, keeping the lights on. Donations are tax deductible though we all know that ecological stability and resilience and a deep sense of shared belief in the positive power of ecological restoration are really why you’re giving 🙂


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Checks can be made out to Adapt Community Supported Ecology and sent to

Adapt Community Supported Ecology
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