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Adapt’s spring season of giving is drawing near.


One of the three pillars of our mission at Adapt is to plant native and perennial edible gardens, for free, for those who would like to begin the process of healing their land but may not have the expertise, time, or funds to see a project through.

Thanks to our growing and generous community of supporters, we have funding this year to offer over 200 fifty square foot micro-meadow gardens and kits in our Adapt communities. Our hope is that these small, easily understood and fun to care for plantings will create and connect native habitat, increase local food resiliency, and provide fertile ground for a growing restoration of our relationship to the land.

Please share this with anyone you know who would be interested.

You can request a free garden, consultation or garden kit on our homepage. The volunteer leader of your region will contact you to set up a time to discuss details.

Please consider becoming a supporter so that we may continue to offer our services to more people in more communities. It’s EASY PEASY and you’ll sleep well at night knowing your dollars are going toward building native plant gardens and a culture of ecological wisdom.

We believe that each of us, and each plot of land, is vital to a healthy future. Adapt exists to sustain and promote the connections between people and the land that supports us through community co-creation of native plant and perennial food landscapes.

Through crowdfunding, education and volunteer effort, we aim to build a community network that supports the restoration of native plant and perennial food landscapes on small parcels of privately- and publicly-owned land where there might otherwise not be the resources to do so.

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